About us

The Russian-based zero-day purchase platform paying for offensive security research and products

Operation Zero is the only official Russian zero-day purchase platform. Created by information security professionals and for professionals, the platform provides its clients unprecedented technologies for offensive and defensive operations in cyberspace.

  • Individual approach for each researcher

  • Payments that match worlds standards in the field

  • Simple and clear zero-day acquisition process

  • Availability of all required permits

  • No risk of exploits falling into the wrong hands

Targets and categories

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Desktops Mobiles Servers Virtualization Software Routers Baseband

Our clients

Our clients are Russian private and government organizations only. If you represent a company based in Russia and want to get access to the cutting edge zero-day technologies, we would be glad to answer your questions at contact

Acquisition process

  • Contact

    A researcher sends us a brief description of his product

  • Assessment

    We analyze the description, ask the researcher some clarifying questions if needed, and then make an initial offer

  • Code sharing

    The researcher sends us source codes of the exploit

  • Verification

    We check the exploit within a working week

  • Payment

    We pay the researcher