The company was founded and is located in Saint Petersburg, Russia

We work with private and government organizations that are interested in increasing their defensive and offensive information security potential.

Yes, the company got all required permits to perform business in the field.

Zero-day acquisition is a popular and common practice in many countries nowadays. It's not only much more lucrative than working with bug bounties and vendors but more safe as well. A researcher that works with Operation Zero should not have to trade his privacy and safety for money - he gets all of these.

We acquire zero-day exploits via e-mail only. All messages that we receive and send to a researcher are encrypted with asymmetric encryption using PGP. Clear-text messages are sent only in the case of a researcher not wanting to share his public PGP key. Note that using PGP encryption is a requirement for a researcher to receive pre-offer for his exploit.

The list of target softare at "Price List" page isn't complete. Feel free to submit your zero-day exploit for any software if it meets our quality requirements

No, such products are not meet our quality requirements.